also known as

Disaster Lesbian Comic Ruins Everything

I needed laughter like some people need to be loved. Like likelike breathing and eating. I needed laughter to survive and to- to cope with the daily tragedy that is living.

The Optimist, NM



also known as

Disaster Lesbian Comic Ruins Everything

A one act by Nichole Mottershead

Collen Turner (part-time comedian, full-time disaster)

navigates her first gig post-breakup.​


The optimist was featured in The Nayar Kapur New Play Festival 2020, hosted by Temple Theaters Sidestage.

Special thanks to John Yearly, Phoebe Davidson, Emily Carbone, Didem Arslanoglu, Jared Camacho, Madeline Haughwout, Danni Coates, Kerlin Pyun, Emma Balk, Khloe Prem, Joel David Apgar, TTSS, and the folks from 1519.



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"What's funnier...sausage links or the Michelin Man?"  THAT. IS. FUNNY!

Well played. I had such a great time watching [...] really touching and funny play!"

-Peter Reynolds

"It's vivid, theatrical, uncomfortable (in a good way)."

-John Yearly

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Nayar Kapur New Play Festival 

Zoom Reading